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18.04.2018 -
17.06.2005 - 18.04.2018

14.04.2017 -
Today puppies from litter "E" celebrate 4th Birthday !!!
Happy Birthday for my boy ELUENDE sweetheart and rest of siblings:
and wishes for the owners a lot of cheerful moments with them usmiech
Miot D
07.02.2018 -
Dulka left smutek Sleep quietly, daughter...
Kinga, thank you for the wonderful home you gave her.
DULKA Platinum
07.09.2010 - 07.02.2018

DULKA Platinum

For loved Dulka from Kinga...

It’s just a dog, just a dog,you tell me...
But a dog often means even more than a man,
you see.
You say no soul in a dog can dwell...
But take one more look
Dog’s soul is bigger than a dog itself,
While ours in a pocket would fit
A tiny soul in a big human body, indeed
There’s not enough space in a dog for its soul
And once you try kissing it or hugging
It is there having fun on a dog’s tail when it’s wagging
When it’s time to say goodbye
And a dog is to set off on the journey to dogs’ heaven
Be sure its destination is not that far
Cause you are the save haven, their guide
And a dog’s soul will always stay by your side...

Author: B. Borzymowska
Translator: alexa
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