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black and harlequin
How everything started...
My madness started when I was in primary school and I was thinking about one thing all the time: I wanted to have a Great Dane! It was strange, because I have never seen that dog with my own eyes, before. I knew that "want" and "have" don’t mean the same things. The first reason was: education. I lived in Tomaszów Mazowiecki and when I had finished primary school I went to Września (200 km away) and started veterinary technical school. I spent years away from home and my family. The second reason was: my parents. If I had bought a dog, they would have taken care of my Great Dane. They didn’t want to take care of such a big dog. There was the financial problem too. My education was expensive - and my parents had to pay from that. Long years I could only dream about my dog...
When I finally became independent I could make my dreams come true and I could feel the presence of that wonderful giant. During that long years of dreaming about my ideal dog I was learning about that breed, I was searching for breeders, visiting the dog exhibitions and championships. In the beginning every dog was beautiful to me and I was curious how the judge of the championship is able to point that "best one". I was studying pattern of that breed with great care, but in the real life it looked so different. Later I was able to point the best dog too. I was trying to find my "type", which could fascinate me. On the Internet I saw hundreds of dog pictures and I have to say that the most beautiful are in France and Italy. Finally I found my "type". I started to correspond with Irenka Gorecka Pierzchanowska. She had at home a new born Great Dan’s puppies, which had to find new homes and owners. From the seven of them Irenka chose black girl, which all the time is the apple of her eyes :) Her dog wasn’t for sale because in the future she had to became mother of new fine dogs in her breeding. I accepted that conditions and I became an co owner of wonderful SANGIOVESE Akwaforta.
The day when we took her home was one of the happiest day of my life. Long time we couldn’t find the name for her. We started to transform her pedigree name and we got SANGI. Then we called her SANGUNIA - finally she became GUNIA. We call her SANGI, when she is a bad girl, but this happens rarely. Gunia was very disciplined puppy. She didn’t destroy anything at home. Well, she liked to collect the shoes, but she was only hiding them in her bedding. We had a garden, where she could play and run. Near was the forest so we could go for a walk a few times a day. Two cats and my dear Amorek, who died some time ago, were living with us. Between Amorek and Gunia there were the fights sometimes, because each of them wanted to show it’s superiority. But the walks were always nice and I loved to watch them playing in high grass. Gunia loved our cats with the wild passion, but they didn’t return that feelings. It wasn’t surprising - no one likes being carried in the dog’s muzzle, squeezed and moistened. Every time when I saw Gunia in that situation I was responding sharply. She was always releasing the cat and was staring at me, looking so innocent. After some time I realized that our "little thing" started to look into the kitchen cupboards and into the sink. We had to learn her not to stick nose everywhere. She had to know, that things on the tables and shelves are our, not hers.
Out Gunia has been with us for 4 years. She had a wonderful carrier and during that time she became the Polish Champion. She is a great friend, defender and classic Great Dane. She is "my type" :) She is mother of puppies "W" of Akwaforta breeding. Thanks to her we could experience unforgettable moments with eight Great Dane’s puppies. I hope that in the closest future she will become mum of puppies born in our breeding. I believe that it is beginning of my adventure with Great Danes...
Marta Strzelecka
14 January 2005
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Me and my sweetheart Gunia