black and harlequin
Ania history
14 January 2005
I have always loved the animals, especially dogs. When I was a child I wanted to be a vet, and for 4 years I have been a vegetarian. My adventure with Great Dane starts long time ago, when I saw the film "In Desert and Wilderness" for a first time. The dog playing (acting) Saba fascinated me. Its intelligent look and self - control bewitched me, but the most impressive thing was its size! I couldn’t believe that such a big dogs really exist. For that time I fancied to have that beautiful giant. I don’t remember how did that dog looked, but when I got to know about that breed - Great Dane, I understood that it was the giant of my dreams.
In my childhood I had lots of animals - dogs, cats and different rodents, but I was dreaming about Great Dane all the time. Unfortunately my parents didn’t share my passion. I realized that, I will make my dreams when I’ll become independent, find a good job and move from my parents’ house. When me and my husband decided to buy a puppy we resolve move from our flat to a house with large garden. It had to last about one year, but one day my younger sister Ola informed me: I’m going to buy a Great Dane! She shown me the picture wonderful a few months old Winter, puppy Merle colour and told, that for sale was the black puppy bitch too. I saw her picture and my world turned upside down. I started thinking: how to convince my husband to take her home. It wasn’t even important that I earlier planned to buy a blue puppy. I started to correspond, and we do this for today, with Marta - owner of the dogs. I wanted to know how to prepare for the coming of the puppy. I wanted my husband to see the dogs, because I was thinking that the sight of sweet tiny Whisky would soften his heart. And it really happened. My first meeting with eight of the Great Dane’s puppies was unforgettable. I fell in love for the first sight with tiny Whiskey. I couldn’t wait with taking her home...
Finally, on August the 15th the day after the christening feast of my younger daughter Wiola, we went for Whiskey and Winter. The puppies acclimatized well. The first night they spent together so they didn’t suffer the separation anxiety.
Whiskey has been with us for 6 months. She has developed very well. She has got beautiful head, neck and French "features", like he gorgeous mum. I hope that when she’ll become an adult, she will be even more similar, and she will present her beauty on the championships. We will prepare to show her during the international championship in Katowice, if she learns to heel. I will be her firs step into the unusual world of championships !
Whiskey likes the children very much. She loves to play with our 6 years old daughter Natalka, and the 6 months Wiola she treats so carefully, like she knows that she can’t hurts that tinny being. Besides, she is very intelligent and learns so fast! I’m proud of her.
Ania Biziorek
Natalka, Wiola and Whiskey

photo © Ania Biziorek